Torture By Roses
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SEBASTIAN~SALOME: This work consists of ten tracks, considering the legends of Saint Sebastian and Salome, and how they have been adopted over centuries as queer icons. Combining industrial and ambient elements, and compared to Zamia Lehmanni-era SPK, the Sebastian~Salome album was released on CD by Mediatrix Publishing in 2001. A performance that was based on the pieces was cancelled due to a number of circumstances.

IGNIS SPIRITUS: LIBER MAGDALENA: This work explores the role of Mary Magdalene as a priestess who was both the beloved disciple, and a living embodiment of Sophia. Much of the form of the piece is derived from Gnostic texts such as the Gospel of Mary and the Pistis Sophia, in which Mary is presented in the priviliged position of one who knows the journey of the soul through the aeons and the archons. This work was premiered at Wellington's Darkness Gathering festival, October 26, 2002.

SOL NIGER: Forthcoming recording and performance piece that combines dance, metal percussion, live music and video projections. A confluence of divurgent but related themes from within alchemy, Nightside magick, and other esoteric currents.




Barakei Gydja The Magdalene